Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I recently had to upgrade to Version: 1.2.3 Build: 882 and its been downhill from there. First there was an issue with the datanase and after performing maintenance everything was working fine. Then the TXT extension on attachments came back and then finding that restarting the server can be used as a band aid fix I have come to the next issue.

The attachments directory /var/lib/datasync/mobility/attachments is growing out of control and is not being cleaned up. The disk usage is now over 90% and it seems to be shutting down the rcdatasync service (I was told by a Novell tech that if the server reaches 90% and over I can experience issues like this) If this is the case then why is the attachments directory not being cleaned. Is there something I can do? Can I manually delete the Attachment folders. Has anyone experienced issues like this before?

Thanks again