I have converted some XP image with 11.2 (with the ntfs driver). On some models, when I restore images, it's fine the PC boot up. But on some other models, I have this message:

"ERROR: A disk read error occurred. Press CTRL + Alt + DEL to Restart"

I even converted them to 11.2.1 because it seems to have fixes about this problem but the problem occured...

When I go in ZISEDIT, all fields are blanks, is it normal?

I have tried to remake the image with the LEGACYNTFS with 11.2.1, and it seems to work.

On Windows 7, I don't have this problem.

How can I succesfully converted my XP images to 11.2 or best, to 11.2.1 and never again care about the way Imaging use the ntfs driver or not.

It is possible there's something in the base image, like remains of some Zenworks trace or other thing? What about the MBR? Is there something I need to know with the new versions of 11.2 and 11.2.1 ??

thank you !