I am trying to test QF on an OES11 server that is hosting copies of my production NSS volumes that I want to test on the same server as QF services. I've configured and successfully run the indexes, performed a search and see the results that I want, but when I try to click a URL link to open a document I am getting various results, most of which are that the link does not open a document, but if I right-click and save the link's target I can save and open the file that I searched for. I'm guessing that it is part of my path information but I just can't figure it out after trying several variations. Also, I'm testing in IE9 and Firefox 10.

Under my index's Path information I have used the following configurations, and I will indicate the results of the configuration after a (-)

My server connection is already set up as NCP with the server's name, username and password filled in.
Server Path: VOL1:\
Corresponding URL Prefix: (here is where I've tried several things)
\\testsrv1\VOL1- Link gives 404 error, right click allows me to save the document and open it in FF10 and IE9
A number of variations of file://testsrv1/VOL1 including full domain, changing capitalization, and number and direction of slashes- nothing works

I'm authenticated to eDir and can access the same file that I'm testing the index search for directly from my drive letter mapping as the same user that I'm running the search as. I have set up "Trusted Site" entries for the DNS, Server only, and IP address of the testing server. Any ideas why the URL links don't want to open a file when I click them? Thanks!