I've got nowhere else to turn and understand this is a long shot but I thought I would try a post here. Endless Googling has not been fruitful. First, I am not Novell savvy.

There is an established and working Novell network at a family member's small business. It was set up 5-10 years ago. There is no documentation or software available from the original company that set it up -- in fact the set up company does not even exist anymore.

One of the computers died and I have been trying to set up a replacement for them. I installed the Novell client on the machine, but I do not know how / where to configure it to get it to join to the existing network on boot. I know the eDirectory / tree name, etc but not where to specify them. Maybe I am missing an important software install?

I know the right answer is to find someone who is skilled in this area but there just aren't funds available.

I also know I have provided almost no information that someone could use to help guide me on this, I guess I'm just hoping for some pointers for things/places to look. There machines are running XP and 4.91 client. The computer is otherwise functional, and has working internet.

Thanks for any tips so I can get this nightmare off my back