I have run into a big problem using "Enforce Policy Path"

Due to some SAN changes we have created new USER volumes
And we are using "enforce policy path" for the user move proccess.

The problem is that if i run enforce policy path on say 200 users.
Every user will end up in the eliglible que wating for the policy to alow moves, so far so good.

When the policy eventualy alow moves the NSM engine will decide where to put the homedirs.
The problem is that NSM will loock at the volume list and pick the one volume whit most free space
and then the engine will send all my 200 users to that volume, even if its about to run full.

The engine will not change desination during the run even if the run will take 10 houers.
This is a realy big problem. I have filld volumes a cuple of times and it is not plessent to sort out that mess afterwards.

The dicison where to put the user shuld be made when the copying is begining, not when the policy alow moves.

Is this work as design or have i missed somthing?

The system:
NSM ENgine: NSM 3.0.4 running on SLES11 sp1 OES11
User volumes: OES11 cluster on SLES11 sp1

we are not using any kind of quota at this custumer

Best Regads