I have been searching the documentation and forums for a definitive answer, but have not found one so I am hoping someone can give me guidance. I recently located offices and had planned on shutting down my onsite server. We have completed the move and now I wish that I still had the server online. The issue I am faced with is that I have changed ISP and have a new IP address so the server needs to be updated with the new IP to get it back online. The server is running NOWS SBE and Groupwise 8. The IT person that deployed the server is MIA and I haven't found anyone locally that is familiar with Novell.
The options as I have read are obviously to change the IP address on the server, which seems pretty involved to get it changed in all the right places, and I have seen some posts regarding NAT. My router is NAT capable, but I have seen conflicting reports/opinions of whether it even works..?

Can anyone point me to the right documentation on who to change the IP address or confirm if NAT is a viable option?

I am fairly computer literate, but not an IT professional as most of the posters here seem to be, so I appreciate any help! I would also be interested in working out compensation with someone who may be able to provide more help offline! I just want to get this thing back online!