Have been using various builds of the GW12 client, including very recent build, and the ActiveX problem still exists. Steps to reproduce:

- Using fully updated Win7SP1-64bit (that means IE9)
- Open GW client in caching mode
- Go to Sent Items
- Open any message
- Notice that there is no warning about ActiveX
- Click Properties tab to show the status etc, and WAIT for the status to be updated (approx 5 sec and you see "Updating caching mailbox" in the status bar)
- Click the Mail tab to go back to the message
- Notice that there is no warning about ActiveX
- Click the Properties tab again, this time IMMEDIATELY click the Mail tab
- When the "Updating caching mailbox" happens then simultaneously the warning banner comes up in the message "GroupWise has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer. Click here to allow access"
- if you click on the banner it goes away, but it will come back if you repeat the steps

Looks like this is a bug whereby if you do not wait for Properties tab to update, then the warning banner will show up. I have seen related bug reports (related to IE9) but not specific to this scenario with the Properties tab which appears to have not yet been fixed.

If any others can confirm, I will open bug report on it.