GroupWise 8.0.2 HP2 agents on Windows 2008 servers

I have POP3 and IMAP enabled on my GWIA along with normal SMTP traffic. I think this is normal for most installations. I also wish to keep a running log of transactions and have properties of the GWIA set to Verbose logging, max 30 days, max 209715 KB total disk space. I've also tried it at Normal logging with similar results.

We also have the Novell Data Synchronizer as well as NotifyLink and a Blackberry Enterprise Server.

What happens is that the GWIA logs fill up with IMAP Fetch and OK entries to the point that each log file fills its 1MB size in about 2 minutes. So, what I end up with is 30 days of logs with each pretty much packed full of IMAP Fetch and OK entries. I find this to be overkill when this doesn't provide anything useful about the actual message traffic.

My question there a way to exclude all of this superfluous IMAP info from filling up the GWIA logs?