I am in the process of migrating Netware SLP to OpenSLP and seem to keep finding reasons the leave the old SLP servers around.
I now have everything registering correctly, which is a huge step forward.
However, now we are getting to the remote servers.

The old setup was a single, clustered SLPDA in central office with one DA in each remote office.
This worked great because they all shared the same registration list in edir,

The issue now is that each remote DA does not access any shared list unless it is restarted.
The only workarounds I can think of are either:-
- restart the remote DA every 30 minutes to force it to read the central DAs
- setup every server to talk to every DA including the remotes, which is a long list.

Of the two, the restart will cause less network traffic than having every server register across the wan.
My last workaround is to leave netware SLP using edir which has none of these issues.

Does anyone have any alternative suggestions?