I am missing something and cannot get this combination to work with the
result that makes my users happy. When trying to save a doc to GW, I get
the "Select an application" window (with the library drop down at the
bottom) instead of the "Select a library and folder window" in which the
library choice is at the top and they can click into the folder in which
they want to place the doc reference. If I select MS Excel as the
application, it will save the doc to GW--but in that window they keep
forgetting to change the library designation because it is not where they
expect to see it...... They want the same interface as they get in Word and
I cannot say I blame them. GW macro or MS problem?

I applied the tip in TID 7002599 even though the addin appeared to be
there already and I have the GW updates and hot fixes applied. Thanks.