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Thread: Thunderbird and the NOOP (8908) error

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    Thunderbird and the NOOP (8908) error

    Pardon me if I'm in the wrong section or this has been already discussed -- I didn't see anything relevant in search (and that itself was very surprising).

    I'm using Thunderbird to fetch mail through IMAP and struggling with the NOOP (8908) error. I'm sure you should be aware of it. Otherwise, if you need more details, I am here (in short, it works when you just execute TB, but after some time it stops syncing and pops the error instead; the only solution -- to quit the program and start it again, and this is quite annoying every time). This seems to be a verrryyy old issue: https://community.drew.edu/showthread.php?t=2796 Right now I have the most recent Thunderbird 15.0.1. on Windows 7 x86.
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