Hello to the commmunity!

I have been done with our it-partners a DSfW-Setup. There are two OES2 Domain-Controllers which holds the "main-domain". Connected to this "main-domain" were two configured sub-domains (OES2, too). They have been setup virtually (VMWare). And there is the problem with our DSfW-Installation. If the VPN-tunnel (the sub-domains are connected through) is broken or I reboot the first "main-domain"-Controller, all the sub's didn't work. I mean, the don't reboot, but they have no "domain-functionality". I have seen, that the all the controllers make a (I guess) LDAP-connection to the first installed OES2 Domain-Controller. I don't know why. Is this normal? Can I change this?

What I have to say is, that we connected to each (Sub-)Domain through a trust or a forrest a real MS AD. We put our workstations into the real AD and through the trust or forrest we get the users from eDir or DSfW.

As I know no one has a construct like our company here in Austria, so nobody could help me. Maybe the community does!

With kindest regards

Hans-Christian Wössner