I am creating a QA test environment for ZCM with ZPM. I already have a production ZCM/ZPM environment. I have just installed ZCM 11.1a on a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Virtualized server and applied all the updates that were previously applied to my production zcm/zpm. I configured a user source and I am able to login to the ZCC with my username and password from that user source. However, when logging into the windows server on which ZCM is installed or a workstation that has the agent installed, authentication to the user source fails with the error "Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect". I have worked on this for a few days trying different suggestions found in these forums and Novell documentation, with no luck. Today, I came across document 7008945 which suggests the problem could be due to a partial file listing in the CasaAuthTokenSvc folder in the webapps directory. Comparing the CasaAuthTokenSvc folder from my production environment to the new QA installs shows that I seem to only have a partial file listing in that folder. The resolution was to stop ZENworks services, move the folder share/tomcat/webapps/CasaAuthTokenSvc folder to a location outside of the ZENworks install and restart the ZENworks services. This was supposed to rebuild the CasaAuthTokenSvc folder. This did not work for me, the CasaAuthTokenSvc folder was not rebuilt. According to the documentation The CasaAuthTokenSvc.war file is server specific due to the presence of the casa_crypto.properties key that is customized per server and cannot be moved from one server to another. Does anyone know how to force a rebuild of the CasaTuthTokenSvc folder?