I'm not sure when this started (it might have been when I did an security patch upgrade recently) but when I bring up the GroupWise Monitor it shows that MTA is "Not Listening".
It appears that everything is working so I don't want to break something else in order to "fix" this issue.

The POA and GWIA have SNMP enabled and I can get to those screens just fine.
However, I see through the log file that SNMP is not enabled for MTA, (SNMP Disabled).

I see in some documentation to edit the snmpd.conf file (I found it in /etc/snmp) and add:

dlmod Gwsnmp /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/lib/libgwsnmp.so

But, if the POA and GWIA have SNMP enabled, why isn't MTA.
Can I add that line with out breaking the POA and GWIA?

Confuser than usual...