I've noticed that either 11.2 or 11.2.1 has added a while loop to imaging.s

the comments indicate it is to allow multiple activities to take place.

i have a preboot bundle that runs img to lay down some zmg files. nice and simple.

in this new scenario, the preboot script just repeats (never exits).

I've had a look around but i haven't found anything that i'm suppose to change to suit the new regime.

anyone else in this situation ?

currently, i've comment out the while loop in imaging.s to allow execution as we would expect it, but it's not the right answer as it will have to be edited for every update.

in my script should i be attempting to export a result code so that the "export IMGSUCCESS=1;break;" lines can get acitivated ?

# imaging.s

. /bin/config.s auto
# Do imaging in a loop and break out when done.
# This allows advanced script in an auto session to check for more work to do
while [ 1 ]; do
    #check for environment variable with command to run
    if [ "a0" = "a"${#IMGCMD} ] ; then
    	/bin/img a

    	#Return codes for img:
    	#	0	SUCCESSFUL, but no changes on hard drive(s)
    	#	1	SUCCESSFUL, new image placed on hard drive(s)
    	#	2	SUCCESSFUL, proxy had no work to be done
    	#	4	SUCCESSFUL, advanced script brought down to be run
    	#  1124 SUCCESSFUL, Third Party Imaging Task 
    	if test -f "$IMGCMD" ; then
    		# if the file is a regular file, assume it is a script and in unix format
    		/usr/bin/dos2unix $IMGCMD
    		/bin/chmod +x $IMGCMD

    if [ $RESULT"a" = "0a" ] || [ $RESULT"a" = "1a" ] || [ $RESULT"a" = "2a" ] || [ $RESULT"a" = "1124a" ] ; then
    	export IMGSUCCESS=1
    elif [ $RESULT"a" = "4a" ] ; then
    	dos2unix /bin/zenAdvancedScript
    	chmod +x /bin/zenAdvancedScript
    	. /bin/zenAdvancedScript
        mv /bin/zenAdvancedScript /bin/zenAdvancedScript.sav
    	echo ZENworks imaging failed with error:$RESULT.
    	echo ZENworks imaging failed with error:$RESULT. > /tmp/img.log
#always run sidChange. It checks to determine if it will do any work or not

if test -f /update/ZUpdate.s ; then
    #update to new version of ZEN imaging client
    . /bin/update.s
/bin/grub.s auto