last night I moved the MS-SQL db to another server, following the hints from Novell Documentation. The original db server runs Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2005 (both 32bit) and the new server runs the same products, but 64bit versions.

I made the changes to zdm.xml but could not find an ODBC data source (I don't have Zenworks Reporting Server).

The original server continues to run Zenworks 10.3.4. Here are my problems after the move:

1. Cannot login via ZCC (mentions that it's possibly due to a new IP address for the db server, which I don't know where to configure for ZCC).

2. On Windows 7 workstations, only users belonging to a group which associates them with a privileged local user via DLU, can see the Zen agent panel. We use DLU extensively and "normal" users having no local privileges, cannot complete their login sequence after the message that Novell login was succesful.

Marc Delisle