I am working on setting up Quickfinder to index a NSS volume on an OES2 cluster. I have set the index to scan the cluster resource with the path of /media/nss/volume. The error I am getting is "Index failed with Code: 0x8000FFFF". It does not matter if I set the index to a single server or the cluster resource the error is the same. The system running Quickfinder is OES2 SP3 and the systems that I have attempted to index are OES2 SP2.

The items I have tweaked without success are:
  • Changing the user to index with
  • Adding www, wwwrun, the Quickfinder service account, and the index user to the filesystem trustee list.
  • Changing between absolute and relative paths.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much!