We recently upgraded to 11.2.1 MU 2, and our TFTP directory was updated as a result. We have noticed that some of our notebooks with Atheros 8131 and 8132 cards will not properly load in the linux kernel. We can PXE boot them, but we get the screen where there is no zenworks repository found. Interestingly, the module for atl1e is loaded on both of these notebooks, but it doesn't show any network interfaces.

So, we back-revved to August 2012 11.2.1 MU imaging files, and still had the same problems. Finally, we back-revved to what we were running (11.2.1 tftp files) and imaging works again. From what I read, there was a kernel update in the August 2012 11.2.1 MU imaging files. Did this update break the atl1e driver?

Is there anything we can try to do to get this fixed?