Running Datasync 1.2.4 build 966

I recently purchased a certificate from Thawte and I am trying to install it
on to the server. Using "Danita Mobility Guid" I created the .key file and
then the .csr and then the nwe key files.

From the Thawte web site I received the Cert.cer and an intermediate.crt.I
then ran "cat mobilitynew.key cert.cer intermediate.crt > mobility.pem. I
copied the mobility.pem to /var/lib/datasync/device and restarted the
datasync services.

On my Nokia N8 I deleted the old self-signed certificate.This phone syncs
but without a certificate. On a Nokia Lumina 900 I use an application "SSL
Tester" to check the certificate. The results are : Certificate's Common
Name match the host name. (kool) but the next message is "Root certificate
not found" and I am then unable to install the certificate on the phone.

Any ideas, thought, suggestions etc etc