We currently use ZDM 7 for imaging all our PCs, they are all Windows XP based. I am in the process of moving over to ZenWorks 11 SP2 and have a few questions about the changes in imaging, primarily I will be moving over to Windows 7.

All our existing PCs are managed via ConsoleOne (Novell Client+ZDM 7 installed on the PCs). Do I just need to use a LDAP Discovery task pointing to the Workstations container to get them to appear under Devices? My plan after that was just to send out the new Windows 7 image to them, not to fussed about hardware rules at the moment, I was just going to force the relevant image.

I assume the recommended method is a base image, then install the Zenworks 11 Agent from an addon image. I was going to use DPInst for driver installs, following this article Important Notice

I am planning on just using the Zenworks imaging + Tuxera Driver instead of Third Party Imaging such as ImageX. Any issues I should take into account using this method, slow restores for example?

We have a KMS Server for activation. So I assume activation shouldn't be an issue.

Any feedback\help would be much appreciated.