We ran Zenworks 7 for quite a while, no big issues. We moved over to Zenworks 11 this past summer, during which our district went through a consolidation with the other two districts in the county. Imaging went fairly smooth for two of the districts, the other not so much, but that was mainly because of their infrastructure. Apps have been fairly ok, decided to build most of the stuff from scratch, rather than importing, since we moved their data to new virtualized servers. The biggest problem we seem to be having is DLU. I have one policy for now for our entire staff. We're using LDAP for our tree (still doing the Novell 6.5 SP8 and Edirectory) and using contextless logins. Most days it's ok, but sometimes we just can't get everyone to play nice. I restart the server and it might take an hour or two of restarting and pressing escape for some people to get logged in. It seems to be mostly students rather than teachers, but I haven't found any kind of pattern. We're running Zenworks 11 SP1, haven't felt the desire/courage to try to upgrade to SP2 yet. I just looked at the processes on the server, and

ZenServer.exe - 1,020,620k
dbsrv12.exe - 663,560k
Zenloader - 378,800

are these about normal?

We have about 3000 workstations imported, and probably around 6000 users (student and teachers). We are running Windows 2008 R2 64-bit, with 2 processors, and 8 gig of ram allocated on a VMWare server. Someone said that I may want to move to SLES for Zenworks, but I have very little Linux experience. I was also thinking of moving imaging to a different server. I'm not pushing out msi apps out through the server, I'm using all network msi files. I did disable two batch files I had created scheduled tasks for, this morning, one to run every hour to import new workstations into dynamic groups, and one that started a multicast session every 30 minutes, that would start after 30 minutes. I've created batch files to ease the pain of creating the same app (with different settings) for 13 sites, just edit the path here, or a msi setting there. It seems the biggest issue with apps is the one's I push out to dynamic groups. In hind site, I should have created Dynamic Groups for pushing out office using a Ram variable instead of a Computer type. I created a dynamic group for each computer type, we only had about 10 models (laptops and desktops together) in our district and now we're up to 54 as of yesterday. But waiting a day for the workstations to import into the right group wasn't something we could wait on. Hence the batch file. We're still pretty much 100% Windows XP also. We went to Zen11 just so we could upgrade to some Windows 7, but we decided to put that on hold until probably around Christmas.