Does anyone have experience of getting treeless logins to work via Citrix on W2K8 R2 with Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows Server 2008 R2 (IR4a)?

We have 3 trees: TREE_A, TREE_B and TREE_C and DNS aliases set up for 2 SLP DAs in each tree:


1. The first problem is that if LDAP fails to resolve the username in the first tree, it stops *prompts* you to search the next tree, rather than automatically searching all three trees.

2. Once the name is resolved, and the passwd entered, there's an error that 'the tree or server cannot be found. choose a different tree or server.' In normal circumstances (ie single tree), we would not specify a server at login. If we do specify a server in the relevant tree to the client, you can log in, however the client then remembers that as the default server ... therefore a user from a different tree cannot authenticate because their credentials don't exist in the replica on the new default server.