lab pc registered in /devices/workstations/folder1 -- reg rules evaluate
prefix in the computer name. i apply a different image with a different
prefix, so the device should be subject to a different reg rule and
ultimately end up in a different folder. however, the pc continues to
use the existing device in the initial folder.

i understand this happens because the folder specified in the reg rule
only applies to new machines...

so, is there any way to have reg rules/folder assignment applied on
every registration post-image? essentially, treat a pc as "new" after
each re-image? i thought zis data may have been a factor, so i
investigated "ZISWIN Do Not Restore Mask" and "ZISWin SYSPrep Restore
Mask" but i've had no luck after dropping these into
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Novell\ZCM. same behaviour occurs.

i realize dynamic workstation groups could be useful here, buy i'd give
up the ability to apply configuration settings, which can only be done
on folders.

open to ideas!