The instructions (Novell Doc: OES 11 SP1: Installation Guide - Using AutoYaST for an OES 11 SP1 Upgrade) given for upgrading a XEN to OES11.1 I find a little hazy. It first makes sure you have met the prerequisites which include remastering the ISO (which it gives the wrong name for the file that is available for download from by removing the add_on_products.xml. Then on step 4 on the command it gives you to start the virtual manager GUI:
os=sles11; vm-install --vm-settings /etc/xen/vm/<guest>.xml --os-type $os --os-settings http://<the web server IP>/download/autoupgrade.xml
It is not clear where the autoupgrade.xml file should be coming from. I assume that it means from the ISO, and the only autoupgrade.xml I can find on the ISO is under the OES folder but I have made the ISO's filesystem available from a webpage and pointed it to the autoyast file but I am not getting the expected results (it just boots to my guest's disk and takes me to the login prompt). Though honestly the additional arguments section doesn't give much in the way of a description either (is it asking for the Xen guests IP setup?). My Xen host is a SLES 10 sp3 box and the guest I am trying to upgrade is a SLES 11 sp1 with OES11. Has anyone had success with this upgrade path and if so offer some enlightenment?