Hi all,

Just a quick question - I remember in previous versions there was a bug(s) that stopped the replication from working for TFTP & now in 11.2 the replication of the tntfs.ko driver. I am running 11.2.1 with a mix of over 300 SLES10/OES2 & SLES 11 servers configured as satelites. What we are seeing is that the /tmp/imaging directory is not being created under the content-repo.

After I create it and run "zac cdp replicate" the next day the ZCC shows everything in sync and the files are in the TFTP directory ready to go. What I have had to do is create a Linux Bundle that creates the Directories and it starts working again.

Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem and if there is a fix other than a work around?

Cheers, Trev.