Wonder if anyone else has run into this one...

The vcruntimes.msi that ships with 2012 SP1 won't install over the vcruntimes.msi that shipped with 2012.0.0. "Another version of this product is already installed...", etc. The newer 07-Sept-2012 MSI is different (based on binary comparison), but retains the same version number, MSI product code and upgrade code, as the 17-Jan-2012 original.

Is the newer runtime actually any different in functionality to the old one, and would I be 'ok' simply to swap it out for the older version?

Of course I could script an uninstall then re-install (although I'm a little concerned about spontaneous reboots) or skip if already installed - or even start hacking away with Orca... But none is really an ideal solution.

Any ideas?