Does anyone actually have a functioning application streaming web server? I'm trying to setup on SLES11.2/Apache.

I'm using ZAV 9.0.1, and have tried following the Novell docs, but they are vague at best. Which ZAV/virtual app files need to be copied to where on the server, what the config options in the ZAV studio (to create the necessary files) actually mean.

Is anyone able to post perhaps the file structure of their server, with a simple streaming app (or a non-streamed app) showing the different types of files. And also the contents of any config files (.xml?) that they have setup to make it all work?

I am hoping that a walkthrough will appear on the docs site soon, but I have no idea when.

I'm almost at the point of giving up and moving on to other things, which is a shame because I can see some value in being able to set this up.