Some time ago in order to merge 2 GW systems, we had to rename one system to accomplish because the primary domains were both named primary. So for the system to be assimilated be created a new system on the same server, new PO and libraries for their document management system then moved all the documents etc. Once everything was moved we deleted the old libraries, post office, domains etc until the old system was completely gone. Did a top down rebuild and then merged the two domains. Then did a top down on the final system.

Everything is for the most part working well with the exception of one little anomaly.

Everyone is remote from the server in various offices so we all use caching mode. If any user logs in "online" mode, they only see the two new libraries and associated documents. However, when I am creating a new windows profile for someone and loading GroupWise 8.0.x (doesn't matter which sp level) and initiate the caching mailbox setup, once the setup has completed and GW restarts into caching mode, all four (including the old deleted libraries) appears in the caching mailbox. I have to reload the GW client with CTRL-Shift to force a rebuild, then it deletes the references to the defunct libraries. Those libraries do not appear anywhere on the GW system that I can see, yet they always get cached on initial setup of the Caching mailbox. Must be pulling something from the online system. How to fix? Any ideas? Another Top Down?

A second issue that perhaps is related.

When creating a new document in the GroupWise client, properties sheet of the new document, instead of use the persons common name under the Author field, it uses their fully qualified name. Example; instead of Cindy Bex it will use .primary_dom.primary_po.cindy

Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.