Windows XP SP3 image installed on Lenovo T61 (7659 series) laptops. Using ZCM primary on SLES 11 SP1.

We created a pretty standard WinXP Sp3 image and multicasted it to ~90 student computers. We noticed a high number of students coming in with NTLDR errors. Ran chkdsk -r and it consistently found the same three files to fix: ieakmmc.chm, rpcss.dll, TP4-SC.GIF. Ok, so we thought the image must be bad.

Created a fresh image, different hardware, same install process, and more updated as it was made two months later. Unicast or multicast it out using default optimized for speed option. Run chkdsk -r, repairs same three files, and NTLDR has gone missing again. Strange.

Created an image of the exact same master using good ol' Clonezilla. Run chkdsk -r and it does not find any errors. No NTLDR issues either.

It seems imaging with ZCM is causing NTLDR errors. We have only imaged about 300 computers using ZCM as we are now just migrating back to it from using Clonezilla for imaging the past few years.

Any one see any issues like this?

Thanks in advance,