I have recently updated my SLES 11 server hosting Datasynchronizer Mobility 1.2.4 966 after finally getting repositories correctly setup for the SLES server itself within "Software Repositories". In getting those setup and attempting to have Mobility listed as well I used Support | How to update Mobility for assistance. When I issue the "zypper lr" command listing the repositories it confirms that I have 5 options for SLES11 but nothing for Mobility just as shown when I use "software repositories". So, I move on to Step 8 and follow the instructions listed under "OR" to use YaST | Online Update. Now I do not receive the message any longer about "no active repository availability" since SLES11 is available. However, Mobility is not listed so I continue on and change from "Patches" to "Patterns" Once in "Patterns" I scroll down in the left hand menu and make sure that Novell Data Syncrhonizer Mobility has a green checkmark as well as being selected (highlighted). From there I look into the upper right hand window where all of the items are listed for Mobility. When I right click and select "All in the list> Update if newer version available" nothing happens. So, I go back and click on each of the items until I have a green up arrow with a green checkmark appearing. Once that has been completed I click on "accept" and let it run. After it completes and closes completely out I use terminal and follow the last few commands listed in the previously listed TID. Sadly, when I return to "zypper -lr" as well as "Software Repositories" I still do not have anything listed for Mobility.

Thus, any advice or other TID references would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any/all assistance!