We have taken over a company with 2 sites - (well essentially 2 businesses)
both fairly small sites with 10 user and 15 user

I've move one site from Windows 2003 + Mdemon to OES11 and Groupwise already

the site is 240 miles away from where I'm based!!
(With our original site - haven't done any monitoring as I'm around most of
the time)

Over the next month will be migrating the other site too but I've got about
3-4 weeks to play

I need to implement some sort of Remote Monitoring - budget is limited so
I'm thinking of scripts of some sort!

Power failure - currently I'm using an existing UPS at the site but I need a
UPS which works with OES 11 and send alerts - any suggestions
Any way to monitor eDir or other OES essential services
I've opted for software mirror in Linux for the 10 user site - any tools to
monitor that?

Same with GroupWise

I've setup VNC for remote access but I'd rather know if anything wrong
before users start calling!!!

Appreciate any help you can provide as I'm in uncharted territory here.