One of our customers uses Sage Line 50 to invoice customers and they use the email option straight from the Sage application. Previously on GroupWise 6.5 this worked fine - we had to mess about with the mapi.dlls sometimes on the odd machine but in general it worked and sent the email via the GW client on the PC.

They've jst been upgrade to GW 2012 on OES linux. Now doing the same thing after upgrading the client on the PC to GW2012 (SP1) Returns the following error:
Sage 50 Account Professional 2012 - COMPANY XXX: SBDDesktop.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point WpS6toUnicodePtr could not be located in the dynamic link library gwenv1.dll

We've checked the data of gwenv1.dll and it is from 2012 SP1. We've manually run the wms install included in 2012 SP1 client folder to put the latest WMS files on and rebooted. Still the same error.
Don't really want to tell the customer that they bright and shiny new system is all working but they're stuck with the old GW6.5 client on the PCs (the old version still on the other PCs works OK still - only upgraded one to test luckily).

Any ideas?