I am testing Zen 11 imaging. We currently use Zen10.3.4.

I am booting computer labs to a Zen11.2 boot cd and setting up a multicast session using one of the computers in the room as a master. The computers are all on the same network segment. The image is Windows 7 (64 bit) and is huge at 47GB (these machines have several different Autocad applications from Autocad educational suite 2013). It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to image all of the Intel DQ67 computers with I7 processors and ATI video cards. The master will report that the image was successful but all computers in the room will error out with
"Unable to change the SID of the machine. Image again or disable the SIDChanger"
and a reboot of the system will produce a Windows 7 error (0x00000C) and fail to boot so turning off SIDChanger would not accomplish much.

In the past we have had to set the hard drive controller to IDE from AHCI. I did the same thing on these so they are all set to IDE.

What causes SIDChanger to fail?

Thank you.