OES2-sp3. KDE desktop. LUM users. This may take some explaining. Maybe this needs to post elsewhere?

We setup an "administrative" server, accessed mainly by VNC. Each user logs in as a defined eDirectory user.
I created (modified) /etc/pam.d/su such that any of these users can su and not be challenged for a password.

Yet, when I click my desktop icon for the program (happens to be ConsoleOne (for GW stuff)), it challenges me for
a password. The popup box title says "run as root KDE su" and asks for the "administrator" password (root works).
It does this if I edit the icon command line to say kdesu 'path_to_c1' or if I set it to 'path_to_C1' and in advanced
say run as another user - root.

Is KDE su PAM-able? Any other way to eliminate the password prompting?

joe a.