The fine folks at NitroDesk recently released their touchdown app for
iOS. It seems to work well with Datasync Mobility pack, the only thing
I've noticed, which has prompted this post, is the Datasync 'Reset
device to factory default' remote wipe function doesn't seem to work.
The device does stop syncing, but no data is removed.

NitroDesk indicates on the product page that Exchange 2003 SP2 is the
minimum requirement, I think that's ActiveSync 2.5 (according to
non-authoritative google sources). I'm pretty sure Datasync is at least
at AS 2.5 with the latest release.

We are running 1.2.4 Build 966. I've tested on iOS 5.1.1 and 6.0

I haven't touched base with NitroDesk yet, I figured I'd ask in here if
anyone else has tried out the app yet.

Maybe someone has some input on the Android version with respect to
remote wipe removing data? I don't have any users with Android to test with.