If I reboot my ZCM 11.2.1 server running on Windows Server 2008R2, my __z_0_6__ user isn't a member of Adminsitrators upon reboot. This means that Novell ZENworks Server, and Novell ZENworks Embedded Datastore do not start. I make that user a member of the Administrators group, and I can restart those users fine.

I ran into another issue the other day. After a server restart, I could no longer PXE. Looked at many solutions. None work. When I looked at ZENworksHOME\conf, I saw a lock, so I changed permissions to "Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent", and "Replace all child object permissions with inheritabel permissions from this object."

Then everything was normal. The second issue has only popped up once, but the first happens every time that server is reboot.