Hi Everyone.

I am a relative new-comer to Novell.

I am currently attempting to build an image for the Dell Optiplex 390 model of desktop for my organisation. I have a base Windows 7 image which I have installed ZENWorks 11.2.16117 and have just installed Novell Client for Windows SP2 (IR4).

We have other models of Dell Optiplex (including the 760) which I have used as a template for the Novell Client options and system profile.
System Login Profile:
Tree configured
Context configured
NMAS tab disabled
802.1x tab disabled
All other settings as default

We define the Service Location tab with a scope and a directory agent

We define the LDAP Contextless Logon tab with the 'Enable LDAP Contextless logon' option selected, a tree and server specified.

We also have a ZENWorks-defined DLU.

When attempting to log on to this machine via the 'Login to Novell' splash screen I get some weird behaviour:
If the local account PRE-EXISTS on the machine, then the Novell login is successful and I get a prompt from ZENWorks that says that I am already connected to the network, do I want to login again?
If the local account DOES NOT PRE-EXIST on the machine, then the Novell login throws the error code: 0xFFFFDA7.

I have reimaged the machine and attempted reinstallation of Novell and ZENWorks to no avail.
I have compared the settings of this machine against other machines I know (and have tested) to work. I can not see any differences between my configuration and the configuration of the functioning machine(s).

Some direction in troubleshooting and resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.