I have one (only for testing) Mac client, which is joined to the DSfW
domain. It has static DHCP settings and static dns entries. If this
client is started up it tries to register its name in DNS - I did not
find the switch to turn this off on the mac till now - and normally
named refuses to register the name of the Mac as it is already in use
and further the client is not authorized to register (only the dhcp
server is allowed).

Normally this does not produce a problem.

Only sometimes, according to my impression if I wait to login to the
mac for an extended period of time after bootup, this attempt seemingly
kills named as that attempt is the last entry in the log and afterwards
people start to complain about problems with internet connectivity.

There is no other entry, in any other log, which states that named has
ceased to run or errored out or whatelse. But as it only happens in
those situations and named is stable for several weeks without Mac
client, the above explained situation seems to be the culprit for the
death of named.

Anybody similar experiences with Macs in a DSfW domain (still on

W. Prindl