I have two SLES10 SP4 / OES2SP3 vm servers that had the same GUID in the ZCC. They were removed via the /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/novell-zenworks-xplat-uninstall. The zenworks directories were removed and the associated novell-zenworks-xplat packages and java packages were removed with YaST.

Both servers were re-started. The PreAgentPkg_AgentLinuxComplete.bin was run on the first and it registered in the ZCC. Twelve hours later I ran the PreAgent on the second and it completed successfully but did not show up in the ZCC. On a hunch I ran zac fsg on the second server and it came back with the same GUID the first server registered with.

Does anyone know how GUIDs are determined and more importantly, how to resolve this?

Thanks for any enlightenment.