We have been rolling out Vibe for about a year now and are using it more and more. I have a few questions I have run into and I'm wondering if anyone can help me.

I have a document folder in a workspace, and an enhanced document view on my landing page. The document names look like "chap1.doc" so I changed the Title in Vibe to be "Chapter One Exercises". But they still appear sorted by the filename (chap1.doc) and not the Title (Chapter One Exercises)

My questions:
1. Is there any way to have a file entry view display and sort on the Vibe file Title instead of the actual file name?

2. Is there any way to control if a file is viewed or opened when you click it. If I put a .pdf file in the folder, Vibe displays the file. If I put in a .docx, Vibe opens it in Word. I would like to control this action. (I know I can put in a list of links to view the files, but that adds an extra step)

3. Is there any way to have Vibe display the file in a new tab or a new browser instead of the current frame?

Thanks for any help!