Hello All,

I was hoping I could get some help troubleshooting our Data syncronizer lock ups. Here is some background information.

  • Novel DataSyncronizer version
  • Groupwise and Mobility are the only connectors installed.
  • SLES 11 SP1
  • 14 Mobility users
  • 3 Ghz Pentium D with 5GB of RAM
  • Limiting message attachment size to 50k for now
  • The server ran without these issues for about a year. Although to begin with we had less then 5 users and it has grown over time.

The server is periodically locking up totally. When this happens, usually (probably 10 different times) the console is just totally non-responsive and I cannot remote to the server. The only thing I can do at that point is hard power it off and back on. In one other case, the Data Syncronizer software was running but both connectors showed stopped and would not start. And one other time the software was up but when I looked at the monitor section of Mobility connector there were no users listed. Looking in the connector logs they seem to simply stop at a certain time. Often times after that server lockup, I am forced to "Reinitialize the User" in the mobility connector before they can connect from their devices again. One issue that may be involved is memory. Up until yesterday, the server only had 2 GB of RAM although was less then the 4GB requirement seemed to work fine for our small install. Yesterday I increased the system RAM to 5 GB but the server locked up again last night. Last night the server locked up during the nightly maintenance.

Today I followed TID 7009453 (Support | How to run manual maintenance on Datasync and Mobility databases) after finding it referenced on another forum post. It says it should be run every 6 months which I had never seen before. After that, I forced the nightly maintenance routine to run and it completed without problem. This is all just a shot in the dark at this point though since I don't have any real pointers to the cause of the problem.

So I have three questions for the group.

1. Does everyone run that maintenance listed in the TID every 6 months?
2. Anything I should be specifically looking for in logs or other places to help me identify the cause of the lockups?
2. Any other suggestions for things I should try if the lock ups continue?

Thanks for every ones help!

Daniel Joaquin