Hey all,
I'm new to ZCM 11.. but want to make sure I'm doing bundles right. Have been using Zcm10 in the past but just kinda thrown together.
As an example,
how do you guys create a GroupWise bundle to work with both, say, Windows XP and Windows 7 workstations?
Also, assuming GroupWise installation is beign ran from a network based MSI file with appropriate switches.

in ZCM10, I simply created an MSI app pointing to the network location... Install Actions would Install the MSI and remove GroupWise icon from desktop. Then "Launch" action simply launched c:\program files\novell\groupwise\grpwise.exe

If I wanted a new version of groupwise out there.. I'd copy the new files to the old location, and simply increment the bundle #.

I can tell already that the c:\program files\ thing is going to be a problem with Xp vs Windows 7.

How do your bundles look? Similar? way different?