Hello all,
When creating the image bundle I am able to browse to select my server but when i want to select the Image.zmg "File Path on server" i get the following error..."Specified Port for HTTP server is already in use/Connection to HTTP server failed."

When i check the local zmd-message i see this...

[Debug] [10/04/2012 10:07:48.657] [] [4478] [ZenworksAgent] [933] [AuthSatelliteServer] [Nothing to install] [] []
[Debug] [10/04/2012 10:07:48.692] [] [4478] [ZenworksAgent] [933] [ZenHttpServer] [Request port is in use. Port: 8181] [] []

The Server is running SLES 10 OES 2 with ZEN 11 SP2
Any help is much appreciated...

When I run netstat -an | grep :8181 | sort
I can watch the connection get established then quickly turned either to Time_Wait or Close_Wait
On another satalite when using the netstat -an command these connections are very quick and clear alot fast then the problem satalite server.

The port we use for HTTP is 8181 with is not the default and works perfectly on 27 other satalite servers.