I have a primary server (Windows 2003) running 11.2.1 mu2 that is giving me issues. I seem to have to reboot it about every 5 days or so. I think it may be Windows causing the issue (refrain from laughing please) and I was going to rebuild it. Does anyone have a best practice for this? I want to name it the same and keep the same IP. I have the current server running virtually and will do the same with the new one. Should I bring it up with a different name and IP then install ZCM or should I install ZCM with the old server down and with the IP and Name already switched over? I have been told that I may have to unr and reg every agent if I rebuild and that I may cert issues. The server is up and running and works most of the time. SO is there anything I can do before I take it down and then add it back in as the same server once rebuilt? Any help would be appreciated!