I created a virtual application virt-tobit.exe for Tobit Infocenter. The virtual application virttobit.exe contains in its virtual filesystem a folder C:\Program Files\Tobit InfoCenter. So far so good.

I run that virt. application virt-tobit.exe under a regular user account (not under administrator). The problem is that application does not show received faxes unless the real directory C:\Program Files\Tobit InfoCenter exists on the workstation. That real folder can be empty and virt app. works OK.

I have tried to use isolation modes Full, Merge and Write Copy for virtual folder C:\Program Files\Tobit InfoCenter but none of them makes the application to work properly.


Why virt. application DOES need THE REAL folder C:\Program Files\Tobit InfoCenter if such a folder exist in its virtual filesystem?

What trick to use to make virt-tobit.exe working properly even without the real folder C:\Program Files\Tobit InfoCenter?