I have been using ZCM since 10.2 and one common issue I have had with my systems is the clients randomly failing to communicate with the ZCM server. That and the problem of the ZAA not showing or deploying bundles (at least all of them) to all systems. The second issue seems to be resolved with a removal of the zmd folder under cache and a zaa refresh. The first issue requires, at least part of the time, a zaa unr -f / ensure the object doesn't exist in zcc / a reboot / and register of the device again. Sometime I can do so without the reboot and get this working. One small but growing issue is the combination of the two issues. I can't deploy or see new bundles without completely unregistering the client and registering fresh. I normally have to remove the object from zcc on this type of issue.

I am wondering if this is something others are seeing, even on a limited basis? If so how do you deal with this type of issue?