In the ZEN7 world I often would assign applications to workstations (or workstation groups) that were meant to run as a user. I would set "Force run as user if workstation associated". I did this for a variety of reasons, but mostly because we have established workstation update groups. Often an application install would run be assigned to a workstation group and ran as an unsecure system user. If any user level tweaks were needed after the install, I would use a second app (again assigned to the workstation group) to do this work.

In ZCM 11.2.1 when I have a bundle that has only user actions (example launching a .bat file with "Run as logged in user" setting). I get errors emailed to me saying "BundleManager GenericActions.UserSessionUnavailable". I seem to get them every couple of hours (which matches my workstation refresh schedule). It seems to me that this bundle is trying to run. Since the Launch action is "Run as logged in user" I expected the bundle not to run (Similar to how it worked in ZDM)

How can I suppress these errors and stop the bundle from attempting to launch without a user logged in? Or am I off course thinking that I can still assign user bundles to workstation groups? I saw the "Primary User Is Logged In" and "Logged on to Primary Workstation" Filter settings, but these do not seem relevant since I don't care if it is the primary user or not, I want it to run for ANY user that logs into the machine.