Ok so I'm trying to configure OES SLES11 SP1

Basic Linux installs OK
I DONOT register or apply patches
I select OES components such as eDirectory, CIFS, NSS

99% of the time NDS configuration does NOT start
just returns to the YaST screen with NO errors

Components I selected have been installed - just no NDS config

THIS IS THE SAME AS OES SLES11 - without the SP1 so
does this for PHYISCAL or VM

Quesion: WHY ! ?? - has anything been fixed
or am I the only person experiencing this *** VERY ANNOYING ***

only after a REBOOT of the Server and selecting OES Install / Configure does
NDS config kick in sometimes selecting a component like Quickfdinder - which
I didn't install
or sometimes just clicking on Edir again and next

Seems TOTALLY random

I'm not a Linux expert or expert of any kind - but at this point I'm just
clicking "Install"