We have Data Synchronizer version 1.2.3 Build 882 on SLES 11 SP1. GroupWise is version 8 SP2 HP3 and the device I am referencing is an iPhone 4.x iOS. This user is having trouble with a changed appointment. The new appointment shows up on his phone, in his client, and on his Blackberry. The old appointment is deleted from his client and his Blackberry but not his iPhone. This is not our first instance of this happening, but it is intermittent and this is the first one I have been able to track down in the logs. The appointment passes the GW connector to the sync engine and the sync engine sends it to the mobility connector like it should. In the mobility connector I see the Event received, then Converting SyncEvent to ActiveSync, then the next line reports [Appointment] self.calUID is empty; generated new value followed by a long string of numbers and letters. The event finishes processing fine, but the changed appointment does not delete. Has anyone else seen this happen and know what may cause the UID to be lost during the conversion to Active Sync? Or, if this is a bug that has been addressed or may be addressed in the future?
Thanks for your help,