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Thread: baseline_11.2.1.zdc correct?

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    baseline_11.2.1.zdc correct?


    zdc wants me to put a file "msi\novell-zenworks-novell-zenworks-schema-server-8.0.0.msi" with checksum 36fbf6c3 to our primarys - this file is older (dated on Deb/12/2009) and not digitaly signed.
    On my servers is a file with checksum 5e695921 and this is digitaly signed on Oct/06/2010.
    MSI Version for both files shows: {419305FE-F0FF-4156-A6C2-FD842E9DABA6}

    Which is the correct file?

    The same is with "msi\novell-extend-wssdk-core-5.2.1-14.msi" (but I don't know, if the "zdc-Version of this file" is older).
    ZDC wants checksum 955c722d (this file is unsigned) and on my servers is checksum b78025ad (digitaly signed on Oct/06/2010).
    MSi Version for both files shows: {093A09CE-750F-4E24-B2BA-D2E18C3093AF}

    Should I replace the files or is the zdc information incorrect and my files are the right one's?

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